The Vineyard

Cru Lamouroux

AOC Jurançon

The Cru Lamouroux vineyard, located in the heart of the Jurançon area, spreads on 5,3 hectares of south and south-west facing hillsides, with 20% to 40% slopes. The climatic conditions are optimum ; our vines are saturated with sun!

The vine varieties are the Petit Manseng grapes which are in majority for the sweet wines making process, and the Gros Manseng grapes, in majority in our Jurançon Sec (dry wine).

Two hectares of our vineyard are planted on terraces arranged like amphitheatre tiers, insuring a perfect sunshine. The remainder is planted along the slope.

After the harvest, the vine’s leaves fall ; the sap slows down gently until to stop completly ; the vines are in “dormance” : a well deserved rest, after a full year!

The soil

Passion for the soil and the vine

Most of the cares brought to our vineyard, are carried out by hand. The vines are cut in the “Guyot double” manner ; the wood are cut and removed from the vine stock ; which is commonly named : “tirage” or “tombée des bois”. The vine shoots, fallen on the ground and crushed, give back to the soil, all the elements they contain. In this way, the soils are not impoverished and require few supply.

Then the vines are bound by hand to make them grow in the properly direction. After that, the whole vineyard is carefully checked to notice all the dead vine stock.

During the sprouting, we are very careful about the treillising and the picking up. Carried out manually, these operations allow to maintain properly the growth of the vines, and to optimise the quality of the future harvest.

Here comes the picking season, after a whole year of assiduous and passionate works ! A festival of the senses, prelude to the future wines! They are orchestrated by hand, by successive sorting in boxes which are quickly carried to the press.

The wine

Passion for wine

The wine making process starts with the destemming of the grapes which are then, carried to a pneumatic press. The pressure will have to be done weakly, under a constant supervision of the press juices, for not to spoil the quality of the must by an excessive pressure.

After clarification of the press juice, the fermentation starts with local yeast, and is carried out by checking the temperature and the density during all the wine making process. All the wine making processes are done in stainless steel vat.

When the fermentation is stopped, wines are at once filtered on diatoms (algae), and then matured in stainless steel vat for the Jurançon Sec and the traditionnal Jurançon and in oak barrels for our “Cuvées”.

After the blend, the wines are bottled under our cares, at the property. We give priority to quality rather than quantity!

The Sharing

Passion for sharing

Our property is open all the year. Free and convivial wine tasting with the Pyrenees in front of you.

We have also a reception room to receive groups – a maximum of a hundred seated persons -, by appointment only, and give you a lively presentation of our domain.

Our wines bottles are capped with prime natural cork, and then sealed with wax. The commercialisation is done at the property, or by shipment throughout in France.

Pierre-Yves Ziemek, the son of Monique and Richard Ziemek, represent the fifth generation to undertake the family adventure!